4 Quintessential Australian Foods That I’m Shoving into my Face

I’m of the belief that if you don’t try the delicacies of a country, you haven’t really been there! 

1. Pavlova - Named after the Russian ballet dancer, this dessert is a delicacy. It’s a merengue based dessert with a light, crisp outside and is tops with kiwis, strawberries and passion fruit. 

2. Australian Meat Pies - Definitely stemmed from the Irish roots, Australian meat pies are similar to shepherd or chicken pot pies. Filled with hot deliciousness in a crispy flaky crust.

3. Lamingtons - Would you vote if you got cake? I would! Voting is compulsory in Australia, so the schools that hold the polls usually offer citizens lamingtons to make the process a little more fun. The election for the prime minister just happened last Saturday, so these have been lingering at the Science House. They’re spongecake dipped in a thin layer of chocolate icing and covered in coconut shavings. 

4. TimTams - Simple enough: Creamy chocolate in between and around two crunchy chocolate cookies. Deliciousness. 

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NYU junior in Sydney for Fall 2013.